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Since the young age Roman had passion for architecture, engineering and interior design. At age 13 he modeled his first interior space for a school project and since then surrounded himself with everything that has to do with design. Roman received his Engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology where he constantly tried to find the creative side of engineering. During that time he was heavily involved in 3-D modeling and started designing interior spaces for family and friends. His journey continued at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture where he continued to develop his creative side. Realizing that he wishes to bring his designs to life he enrolled in Stevens Institute’s Product Architecture and Design graduate program where he completed an intensive 2 year curriculum in computational design and digital fabrication.


After graduation Roman has found himself designing and making furniture.    Roman’s unique background in design, engineering and fabrication enables him to carry out a wide range of projects. By partnering up with local furniture fabricators and other industry leading entrepreneurs AREM3’s main focus is to bring affordable design and fabrication solutions to interior designers, architects and private clients. Every project is unique and Roman will work closely with you to create the most effective approach. 

Reason why all of this is possible.

Kotaro Barnes 1988-2013

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